Galaxy Juice – How wide is the sun?

Post by Mark


Galaxy Juice is a new local band whom just released a trippy music video for their single “How wide is the sun?”. The single is from their upcoming album “Crystal Dunes” which will be released on September 21st.

For more information on the band follow them on instagram @galaxyjuiceband


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Daffy – Samboosa

Post by Mark

Samboosa is the latest music video by local rapper Daffy. What I found interesting in this video are all the cameos by the different local personalities including:

DJ Outlaw
Amer AlAzmi
Ahmed AlShimiri
Mohamad Aqua
Bashar AlJazzaf
Amani AlBlushi
Sons Of Yousif
Army Of One
Khaled al Farhan
Rayan Stetieh

The video has only been out for a week now but it already has 80,000 views. Check it out [Here]


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Album Review: Big Mo – Fight For Peace

Post by aminfari


Mohammed AlKahdher is a Kuwaiti American rapper that recently released his album called “Fight for Peace”. His artist name is Big Mo (The Nomadic) because he grew up in Kaifan and travels to rap in the USA and UAE.

The first song on the album is called “Fight for Peace” and it is the promotional single of the album. The song has a mix of blues and strong lyrics which makes it a good start and gets your ears interested. As you keep on listening to the tracks the album starts taking you on a nice dark voyage reminding me of some Kanye West’s work. Songs Like “Pray for” and “Granted” really bring out some of that darkness. Oh and there is a really cool piano segment in the song called “Granted”. He also has a song that is called “Ay Shay” in which he calls people out, over a thick beat and oud playing. My favorite song is called “School Sucks” maybe because we are in the summer haha I don’t know.


Lyrically Big mo is really good, his rhymes fall into place every time. His titles and lyrics show great use in paradox and perspectives. His work has this type of fire that is rare to see done with grace and he does it so well.

How to listen to this?
At your midnight Ramadan workout.

How to not listen to this?
While being in a taf-teesh road block on the six ring road as they ask for your drivers license and civil ID.

Check out the album on Big Mo’s website [Here]

Posted by Amin Fari

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Doss – Falling to Pieces

Post by Mark


Doss and I stopped by the Kuwait National Museum and were only given 15 minutes to film. We had to move quick and I think we got some pretty interesting stuff that not only highlighted his dancing but the beauty of the Museum’s architecture. – TJC Films

Music: Dirty Drummer – Splttrpttrn A Psychedelic Sound Collage


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Y U Mad by ArabMob

Post by aminfari


Y U Mad is the latest song released by ArabMob and when I first heard the track it reminded me of A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz & Future.

The piano keys in this song are truly stellar while the beats remind me of a mellow Aliyah beat without the Timbaland details. Abdullah (ArabMob) shows a lot of style in this clip and has good word placements but the lyrics I feel are falling short for me. He starts off telling me about a girl who used to be into him but now looks at him like a stranger. Is she leaving him but she shouldn’t? Is she not worth it so he moved on? I am getting fragments of a story, I understand she is hot but what else has happened? What is happening? I want to know about this person with a perfect shesma haha, tell me more. Maybe I am being hard because recently rap and south side rap have a lot of fragmented lyrics. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz really just flow and groove more than rap. Maybe Abdullah wants to show flow more than anything and if that is the case then he is making it work. The lyrics are on the YouTube page if you want to read them.


I heard some of Abdullah’s other tracks without auto-tune and they sound good too. Those tracks reminded me of Mobb Deep a little because they have a more east coast sound. If Abdullah can make a song with his real voice plus hints auto-tune and drop a hot story, he would be a record deals golden boy. Knock knock Outlaw Records.

How to listen to this:
At shisha night with your friends to start conversations on lost loves

How not to listen to this:
When a family member is getting angry at you since they would use the word shesma in a negative way.

Posted by Amin Fari

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The Overseas Project – Umeed

Post by aminfari


The song “Umeed” is by The Overseas Project and was produced and recorded in Bneid Al Gar. What is really cool about the whole project is that it was created by 3 guys with different nationalities India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Lets get to the song. My first impression was that it was as a straight forward pop rock song that sounded a bit like Creed with a touch of Nickelback. The vocalist is worth listening to, I mean this guy is solid when he belts out, his notes are powerful and he has “a no prisoner attitude” that is always so genuine in rock. The guitars sounded a bit like Andy Summers from The Police probably because of effects used on the guitar.

I don’t understand anything lyrically because it is not my native language but melodically its very catchy. The build up brings a great release in the chorus. I like it. I hope they are singing good things because I might start singing it in public without knowing what I am saying.

What I need more from The Overseas Project to make me fall in love with them is a better back up in the vocal harmonies (the vocals in the back to help enforce the main vocalist). The vocalist is great but he needs a good bed of sound to elevate the warmth of the song. There are frequency ranges that are not being fully utilized that maybe a with lower voice harmony or a chunkier grit bass can fill in. They can also use different techniques with mics or layers to fix that issue. The bridge in the song (where the solo of the guitar is at) needs to have a more character to show everyone this is a changing point so that they can fall back in the chorus to the end. If you dig it then you dig it.

The video is shot in a few places Kuwait and I only saw a few places I know. I think Sharq walkway is one of them and a Starbucks in Jabria is another. Where else in Kuwait do you see?


How to listen to this?
Putting on your suit or make up before going to a job interview, makes you feel like you got this.

How not to listen to this?
On your phone in the middle of a World Cup game as the opposing team scores, you will feel a loss of understanding on why painful things happen all at once.

Posted by Amin Fari

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New Track: “YALA” by Sons of Yusuf

Post by aminfari


Sons of Yusuf have released a new track called “Yala” with a really cool vibe to it. This track is produced by Yakoob and it makes me feel like he was inspired by Stephen Marley who got Damien Marley a Grammy.

The use of the arabic singing as a sample is a real work of art in this piece and it totally connects to the Middle East. It makes this track love worthy and lyrically, I have always been a fan of their work. They lace Arabic words into the English sentences and they do that so well on this track, which is truly amazing. Overall, a good track but I am afraid it feels a little short to commercial standards and songwriting. There is no central hook in which people can repeat and the lyrics are nice but lack a consistent message.

The message I am getting is that “us Arabs are very cool so lets be patriotic” but then the music has a sadness to it that doesn’t make a good match to me. Maybe the track is saying “yala people believe in yourself, you are talented” or “yala people of the world we are talented we make things happen” but even so the groove is more intimate and the lyrics are creating a split idea. Basically they are both great ideas that shouldn’t be mixed. It seems like 2 tracks can come out of this work, lyrically a summer jam and musically a more heartfelt story. Over all it is good but I want these guys to be great.

Even though I am being hard on them. I think they are amazing. I have seen them live on the stage and they just rock it. I would buy their album in a heart beat because it has the same great elements and they are the real deal when it comes to pushing local talents. Their marketing and fashion is really cool and they are very respectful and down to earth guys.

How to listen to this?
Drive the gulf road on thursday night while car flirting.

How not to listen to this?
In spinning class or in Zumba.

Posted by Amin Fari

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Get to know: Basil Al Hadi

Post by aminfari


I met Basil AL Hadi last year at the Peace One Day event that was held at the CAP Warehouse and he’s one of the coolest artist I had the privilege of working with. He has a really down to earth vibe that is rare to see in music but not rare from the genre he is in. I personally classify his music as Arab/Reggae from the 70’s but he does Pink Floyd covers as well and wouldn’t feel out of place at a super summer beach party.

I sat down with him to ask him some awkward yet musical questions which you can check out below.

What are your favorite 5 albums?
Bob Marley’s The legend
Zaid Rahbani’s Album
Rodrigo Cold Facts
Toots & The Maytals
Super Ape Lee Scratch Perry

Who are your music heroes?
Bob Marley
Pink Floyd
Bob Dylan

When you think of Kuwait as a musical landscape what album or artists do you hear?
Aisha al Marta and Awad Al Dokhi is what rings in my mind
Awad Al Dohki

How do you get inspired for your music?
Mostly street interactions and daily society exchanges.

Whats your favorite food and the music to listen too?
A double cheese burger and no music while I listen. Absolute silence please.

What do you like about your profession?
Feeling the appreciation and good vibes of fans. Attracting people to enjoy live music.

What do you least like about the music industry?
The negotiation of the my art bothers me. How people value my projects.

How long have you been doing music?
In 2001, I completed my first song

If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently?
I would have worked on my technique more. I would have approached it more professionally.

What do you dislike in the music industry?
Simply Pop music

What is the side of the you that the public never sees?
That I care a lot about people. I care about their well being too much

What is the most unbelievable rumor made about you?
That someone said I was being funded by a political group or that I support political things. The truth is I don’t, I like social interactions and daily street stories for my music.

What is the magic formula?
Be yourself 1st 2nd and 3rd… Speak and sing about the things that truly matter to you .

What advice would you give to other musicians or artists?
To work a lot it will find your sound. Then also understand your position in the music world. Understand what you stand and what is your vibe.

Where can I find your work?
On YouTube, just search for Basil al Hadi [Link]

Basil Al Hadi is currently working on his new album between Turkey and Kuwait.

Enjoy and buy music

Posted by Amin Fari

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Lana Del Rey – Shades Of Cool

Post by Mark


New track out by Lana Del Rey called Shaded of Cool, check it out below.

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Listen To This

Post by aminfari


I was introduced to this artist through a phone call last year in the fall. A friend of mine said that he was a young Kuwaiti studying in Berklee College of Music in Boston and I should speak to him. I picked up the phone, made the call and just talked music. He knew his stuff but he had a hard time explaining his style of music to me.

He was saying I am using Arab singing with poetry yet kinda singer songwriter. Honestly It seemed vague at that time but as it is hard to describe a painting to someone it is also hard to describe songs. Today I have something that clarifies what I was feeling and what he was saying.

When I listen to this track it has a new age hint but not yoga class new age more like mountain retreat new age haha. It has the stuff that you would want to hear at the end of intense movies that root in the middle east, movies like Syriana and Babel.

This track is written by Yousif Yaseen and produced and mixed by Jacopo Penzo

The picture is of Yousif, if you are wondering.

How I recommend listening to this?

In the morning, with a cup jasmine green tea not over steeped slightly warm.

Do not listen to this in traffic, it might make you cry existentially.

Enjoy and Buy Music

Posted by Amin Fari

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