Is the New iPhone 6s Waterproof?

Post by Mark

Looks like it is. [YouTube]


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  1. inzain says:

    You shouldn’t be saying it is when Apple doesn’t say it is. They have better seals and gaskets for the ports but if Apple doesn’t state it is and you damage it, they’re probably not gonna replace or fix it for free.

    It might be more water resistant but isn’t IPS certified for a reason. People reading your post will assume you know what you’re talking about and go submerge their phones.

    • Mark says:

      My readers aren’t that dumb.

      • inzain says:

        I just think it’s unethical (for lack of a better term) for you to post something like this without a small warning. It’s not exactly much work and I don’t see why you wouldn’t include it any way.

        In fact you’re saying it is waterproof under the video so you’re misleading people. Not everyone who reads will post comments so how do you know none of your readers are “that dumb”.

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