Headlight Restoration and Windshield Repair

Post by Mark

Just yesterday I was thinking about how my Z4’s headlights were looking like they needed a face lift and then today I get the following message from Al Falah Car Wash:

Al-Falah Car Wash & ShowShine Detailing will soon be offering Headlight Restoration and Windshield Repair! As well as full Express Detailing services!

Talk about perfect timing. [Link]

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  1. CrazY KiLLeR says:


    Any idea where i would be able to get a quick floor wash for my car? But same time professional service, cause coke spilled all over the floor so need someone that's real good,

    Thanks Budd

  2. Paul says:

    Hey Mark, any idea on where I can get a good paint job or clear coating for my car.

  3. Mark says:

    Crazy: check out falah, not sure if its quick enough for you though since u might have to leave your car over night

    Paul: Once my Z4 comes out of service i am going to take it to G-Force in free trade zone and get my front bumper repainted. i havent tried them before but i heard they were good.


  4. CrazY KiLLeR says:

    Thanks buddy for your help will pass by later on today 🙂

  5. No name says:

    I have a z4 too in blue and im loving it!

    I saw you the other day in Salmiya and I'm like "awesome! another car like mine.. it's the bomb!"

  6. PFunk says:

    I had a small chip on my windshield so i tried them one day when i was getting my car washed there out of convenience and thinking they were pros and they charged me a whopping 7 KD to reduce it and stop it from cracking. A week later it expanded leaving a near 30cm crack, now the whole thing needs to be replaced. This NEVER happened with the 2KD guys in shuwaikh and i’ve had to use them a lot thanks to our lovely highways filled with rocks.

    Al Falah might have good washing and detailing service but they really suck at car glass repair. Stay away!

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