DOUBLE JUMP: A Gaming Podcast with Patrick & LuckyGG

Post by Patrick


I’ve always wanted to start a gaming podcast and I finally got the opportunity to do so. I recorded a “test” episode with Yaqoub and Abdullah from Lucky Generation Gamers and it was an interesting experience where I learnt a lot. Originally we wanted the episode duration to be two hours at most. So I created a word document with an outline of what topics we’d discuss. Since this would be our introductory episode we wanted to have introductions to start things off, going through our history with video games, discussing our favorite consoles and games. Then we’d talk about games we’re currently playing before going onto news and a quick overlook over our favorite games of 2015.

That’s what we ended up doing but we went over the time limit we set ourselves by 50 minutes. So ultimately it could have been more structured. I personally should have discussed in detail why I liked Super Metroid or Legend of Zelda instead of wasting time listing consoles I’ve previously owned. In the end we spent 50 minutes discussing ourselves, but I think we could have cut that time in half if we used it more wisely.


We’re still trying to figure out the schedule for Double Jump, but we’re aiming to record an episode once a week and I think I’ll continue to write a short blogpost to accompany every episode we publish to discuss things I learnt or experienced before, while and after recording the show. This podcast is still very much a work in progress. We’re working on improving the podcast so constructive feedback is always welcome. Once we finalize everything our podcast will feature original music composed by Marskyera (who is the composer behind the indie game GNOG) and I’ll finally have a proper logo and branding designed.

Who we are:

Yaqoub Al- Hussaini
Patrick Makhoul
Abdullah Boushehri

Where to hear it:

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Reminder: Concours d’Elegance 2011

Post by Mark

This is just a reminder that the luxurious car show Concours d’Elegance is starting today.

What is the Concours d’Elegance?
Concours is a French word meaning competition. The concept of Concours originates in 17th C. France when aristocrats used to choose their best horse carriages to parade around parks of Paris during the summer week ends and holidays. Later these traditions changed to automobiles from the 20th C. Concours today have strict regulations and cars are inspected by qualified judges. Trophy winners are carefully chosen. Each year there are numerous events which take place across the world, many of which are world famous, including Villa d’Este in Italy, Goodwood in UK, and Pebble Beach in USA. The Kuwait Concours d’Elegance is rapidly becoming a fixture in this international programme, able to attract some of the world’s rarest and exotic motorcars.

February 2nd to the 6th 2011
10:00AM – 10:00PM

Marina Mall interior, Marina Crescent and Marina Lawn.

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Alfa Gulf Road now open

Post by Mark

The Alfa gas station on the Gulf Road near Shaab Park is finally open. Their mini-market and fast food restaurant are still closed though.

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Eleanor on display

Post by Mark

Eleanor the Mustang from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds is currently being displayed at Marina Mall.

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British Airways Sale

Post by Mark

Round trip economy ticket from Kuwait to London is for KD167. The cheapest I’ve ever seen the tickets are for KD140 and that was January 2009. Still, KD167 is cheaper than the KD194-KD204 it was selling for the past few months. [Link]

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Headlight Restoration and Windshield Repair

Post by Mark

Just yesterday I was thinking about how my Z4’s headlights were looking like they needed a face lift and then today I get the following message from Al Falah Car Wash:

Al-Falah Car Wash & ShowShine Detailing will soon be offering Headlight Restoration and Windshield Repair! As well as full Express Detailing services!

Talk about perfect timing. [Link]

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Waist Trimmer

Post by Mark

Found this at Go Sport and thought the couple on it looked pretty funny. The whole package looked very retro 90’s but not sure if that was deliberate or if this was actually a package that was designed back in the 90’s.

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ONE DAY ON EARTH – Help us share Kuwait’s story with the world

Post by Mark

On October 10, 2010, people across the world participating in the “One Day on Earth” project will capture an unprecedented global video snapshot of a single 24-hour period. Participants, ranging from teenagers with cell phones to Academy-Award nominated documentarians using the latest HD cameras, will film the world from their own perspective. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with “One Day on Earth” …to help the project reach participants in 100 countries with low bandwidth, making it a truly global initiative.

“One Day on Earth” currently has a growing number of thousands of filmmakers and inspired citizens representing over 190 countries.

The results of this unique collage documenting the countless stories of triumph, tragedy, hope and fear that take place each and every day, will be made into a feature-length documentary to be released next year. In addition, all the footage shot as part of the project will be publicly available via an innovative online searchable archive. The scope and range of this material will provide an invaluable resource: a database of films that deal with some of the most important issues facing our global community.

UNDP Field Offices will provide logistical support at local and regional levels, including the collecting of video data in areas of low bandwidth. With the distribution of 120 HD cameras provided by “One Day on Earth”, UNDP fieldworkers in many different countries, including Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti, Rwanda, Sudan and Uruguay, will have the opportunity to participate directly in the project. UNDP staff participants will film their work, their colleagues and their communities, providing a vibrant and immediate glimpse into the organization’s vital development work and its impact on people’s lives. As the countdown to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015 continues, their contribution through “One Day on Earth” will highlight the challenges and obstacles they face in working to achieve the Goals.

“The MDGs are not just aspirational goals. They are about improving people’s lives by reducing poverty and hunger; empowering women; increasing access to the essential services of education, healthcare, clean water and sanitation,” said Stéphane Dujarric, Director of Communications at UNDP. “The One Day on Earth project offers a key opportunity to personify these issues to the international community, as well as spark a dialogue to create a greater global consciousness.”

“One Day On Earth” will also reach over 450,000 students in 64 countries through the distribution of free digital educational toolkits on media literacy. The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), the UN Department for Public Information and the UN Academic Impact programme —which links over 320 universities in 70 countries— will contribute as well. Vimeo, a video sharing site that provides a platform for people to host and share their videos in high quality, is providing the necessary bandwidth to host the “One Day on Earth” archive, as well as promoting the project to its online community of over four million registered users.

For more information, contact:

or visit:

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Hip Hop Kuwait Street Dance

Post by Mark

Street Dancing Street Battle Hip Hop Kuwait Talents Dance AIS InterMedia Basketball Tournament Zenithmedia Entertainment Q8 KWT

رقص هيب هوب رقص شوارع تكسير شباب كويتي الكويت كويت مواهب دورة كرة السلة الثانية لشركات الإعلان موهوبين موهبة موهوبون كويتيون كويتيين


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