1999, Year of the Cyber Athlete

Post by Patrick

Nowadays sports games are all about realism and being able to control the players you idolize and making them look and move around as life-like as possible. These ads for the EA Sports franchises published in an October 1998 issue of EGM really do an effective job of portraying what sports games were like 16 years ago. The well known athletes in the ads are depicted as low-polygon models and aren’t photorealistic or life-like at all while the environments and the athletes in the background are real. The ads don’t feature any screenshots of the games, don’t use in-game player models and they don’t boast about how real the graphics are or anything of the sort, the only text in these ads refer to the athletes statistics and a quote. This may signify the limitations of the consoles at the time and uses these limitations to create something cool-looking; I’m not a fan of American football but that ad featuring Barry Sanders looks great. The merger of low-polygon artwork and photography really work well and create an image that is memorable.

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