The Analogue Nt

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The Analogue Nt

If there was ever a luxury item in the world of gaming, this is it. The Analogue Nt is a redesigned NES made for the modern world. It doesn’t emulate the games, but uses original NES hardware to play them. There’s an optional HDMI adapter that upscales games to 1080p. The console doesn’t just play NES games but Famicom disc games as well. The Analogue Nt is made from a single solid block of “6061 aluminum” and it costs $500. You can pre-order your own here.

Analogue Nt

I think that this is a pretty boring and ugly re-design of the original NES. Compare the NES controllers to the Analogue Nt and you see that the controllers hold up pretty well after all these years. They’ve become an icon of an entire generation of gaming. The Analogue Nt is not memorable, is not iconic and the only real thing it has going for it is that it’s made out of aluminum. It’s like the designers were trying to mimic the work Apple has been doing, and failed. Not sure why anyone would pay $500 for it when you could use that money to buy a new console or to build a pretty solid gaming PC.

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  1. aaa says:

    When I was in Japan I went to Akihabara and was REALLY tempted to pick up a used NES (Famicom whatever :P) and games. Then I realized how much actual work you have to put in to play the damn thing… transformer for 100>240v, AV converter stuff, buying JP Famicom games and probably shipping them over from Japan every time.

    That said I still wouldn’t pay $500 for an HDMI ready version of a NES. In the end I’d rather have something as easy to use as a PS3 that plays roms, I don’t really care that the games are on the original cartridge or anything.

    PS what is this gaming expo going on

    • Patrick says:

      Same here! Plus all the good NES games are getting re-released on the 3DS and Wii U, so why would I want ANOTHER console taking up space? And for $500? Crazy.

      I was just reading about the game expo. I’m trying to find their schedule to see what they have planned, but all I can find is that it’s taking place from today to the 10th at Mishref Fair Grounds. I also know there’s going to be some tournament and cosplay, but I can’t find specifics. They have a website:

      I found their Instagram account and apparently the developer of Steamworld Dig is in Kuwait and he’s going to give some talk as well. But they need to market this event better and have information more easily available. I found out about this talk from their Instagram account, not sure why they wouldn’t publicize it on their website.

      • aaa says:

        Seriously the marketing is so disappointing. Something tells me they will have bad turnout and blame it on lack of interest but I don’t think it was handled very well.

        Like the website says “There will be a videogame tournament”. Ok which games? What time? It says stay tuned for more info but the thing starts today… They rented the fairgrounds which aren’t cheap but they really needed to market this thing better :/

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