The D9 Reserve NASA Sweatshirt

Post by Mark


Around two weeks ago while Kanye West was catching a cab in NYC one of the paparazzi photographers caught his attention. Turns out Kanye liked the sweatshirt the photographer was wearing so he made him pose for him while he snapped some photos. You can watch the video of the incident on TMZ [Here]


The sweatshirt the photographer was wearing was by a brand called D9 Reserve and as soon as the video went viral all 300 prints of the sweatshirts sold out. Since then I’ve been checking eBay on a daily basis hoping someone would end up listing the sweatshirt online and to my surprise someone did today (and my size – medium). The seller originally wanted $249 for it but I offered him $150. In the end we met in the middle at $175 which isn’t bad considering the retail price of the sweatshirt was $135.

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