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I think I’ve finally decided on a backpack to get and it’s going to be the Daypack by Killspencer. The first backpack I had actually considered was a Killspencer bag but their Special Ops Backpack. After doing a lot of research though I’ve come back to Killspencer again but gone with their Daypack Backpack which looks like will work out as a great backpack to use when on my Vespa as well as for traveling.


The Killspencer Daypack comes in different color combinations, the one I had my eye on was made with charcoal grey leather combined with black suede. I’m currently considering customizing the back though by having them replace the black suede either with black leather of black wax canvas since I can’t imagine the suede being very durable in the long run. The standard leather Daypack costs $350 which is very decent compared to some of the other offerings I’ve seen. [Link]

Update: Ended up ordering the standard Charcoal Grey Leather with Black Suede combo since I needed the backpack before November 14 and didn’t have the luxury of time to wait for them to produce a custom one for me.

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  1. sam says:

    Beautiful bag! Was curious how it has worked out for you?
    I’m considering the same bag myself but am having trouble finding any helpful reviews, so would very much love your thoughts.


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