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I’m not the kind of guy who gets massages or facials but I don’t mind getting a manicure and pedicure every so often. The most popular place for guys in Kuwait is probably Spaloon but my favorite is Ten. There’s nothing wrong with Spaloon (although I’m not a big fan of their new location) but Ten is a lot quieter, private and cozier. I’ve been going there for over a year now and figured it was probably time I tell people about the place. They’re located in Sanabil Tower in Kuwait City and their phone number is 22924040. You can also check out their instagram account [Here]

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  1. salue says:

    I never went to a spa in my whole life, but I want to try going to a spa abraod but that might not happen unless there is a good one in Lebanon, so I might end up going to this one. but the pricing do I have to pay for Packages( or like the package has treaments included ) + the treatment I want ?

    My friend is asking also is the masseuses or masseurs ?XD

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