How to activate Facebook Timeline right now

Post by Mark

You’ve probably already read about the new Facebook feature that is going to be introduced soon called Timeline. Well if you’re interested in activating it right now for your account you can do that by following the instructions below:

1. Log into Facebook
2. Type “developer” into the Facebook search box and add the developer app to your profile.
3. Go into the developer app if you aren’t automatically prompted.
4. Create a new app and give it a name. You don’t have to create anything serious, this app can be private and seen only by you. Read and agree to the terms on the Platform Privacy agreement. Here is where you will need a verified account.
5. Look for the “Open Graph” and click “Get Started Using Open Graph.”
Create a test action for your app like “watch” a “show”
6. Now you’ll end up in the action type configuration page. Change some default settings and click through three pages of settings
7. Wait a couple minutes
8. Return to your Facebook home screen and you should get an invite to try Timeline

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