Album Review: Big Mo – Fight For Peace

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Mohammed AlKahdher is a Kuwaiti American rapper that recently released his album called “Fight for Peace”. His artist name is Big Mo (The Nomadic) because he grew up in Kaifan and travels to rap in the USA and UAE.

The first song on the album is called “Fight for Peace” and it is the promotional single of the album. The song has a mix of blues and strong lyrics which makes it a good start and gets your ears interested. As you keep on listening to the tracks the album starts taking you on a nice dark voyage reminding me of some Kanye West’s work. Songs Like “Pray for” and “Granted” really bring out some of that darkness. Oh and there is a really cool piano segment in the song called “Granted”. He also has a song that is called “Ay Shay” in which he calls people out, over a thick beat and oud playing. My favorite song is called “School Sucks” maybe because we are in the summer haha I don’t know.


Lyrically Big mo is really good, his rhymes fall into place every time. His titles and lyrics show great use in paradox and perspectives. His work has this type of fire that is rare to see done with grace and he does it so well.

How to listen to this?
At your midnight Ramadan workout.

How to not listen to this?
While being in a taf-teesh road block on the six ring road as they ask for your drivers license and civil ID.

Check out the album on Big Mo’s website [Here]

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