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I was introduced to this artist through a phone call last year in the fall. A friend of mine said that he was a young Kuwaiti studying in Berklee College of Music in Boston and I should speak to him. I picked up the phone, made the call and just talked music. He knew his stuff but he had a hard time explaining his style of music to me.

He was saying I am using Arab singing with poetry yet kinda singer songwriter. Honestly It seemed vague at that time but as it is hard to describe a painting to someone it is also hard to describe songs. Today I have something that clarifies what I was feeling and what he was saying.

When I listen to this track it has a new age hint but not yoga class new age more like mountain retreat new age haha. It has the stuff that you would want to hear at the end of intense movies that root in the middle east, movies like Syriana and Babel.

This track is written by Yousif Yaseen and produced and mixed by Jacopo Penzo

The picture is of Yousif, if you are wondering.

How I recommend listening to this?

In the morning, with a cup jasmine green tea not over steeped slightly warm.

Do not listen to this in traffic, it might make you cry existentially.

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  1. Ahmad Jafar says:

    sounds like straightforward western folk coupled with quartertones and that arabic style moaning that we are so good at to evoke an eastern vibe.

    desert retreat new age?

    interesting stuff!

    diggin this part of the blog! DO MORE SHOW US MORE! 😛

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