My 2017 with Spotify

Post by Mark

If you’re a Spotify user then you should visit The Spotify website will compile your 2017 music year for you and then visually share it with you. According to Spotify, my top artist for 2017 was Future Islands while my number one track was Put Your Money On Me by Arcade Fire.

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  1. yousef says:

    Wow, that’s 1.5 hours of music a day.

    I listened to your top songs. I’m glad they are yours and not mine. Cool music videos though.

  2. yousef says:

    I’ve been consuming the US based articles on the Audm app. I still haven’t found a podcast niche or tribe that I can really get into to.

  3. Blueelephantintheshroom says:

    Wow, that was fun! Already got my top songs and songs I might have liked playlist this week and been enjoying them.

  4. cake says:

    Here’s mine.

    That’s not an accurate estimate of my music listening time, I probably have between 1-4 hours per day of listening time.

    I use spotify for music discovery more so than listening, I kind of try to avoid using it because they pay smaller artists pennies even if they make up the majority of some paying subscriber’s listens with the majority of that money going to the most listened things on spotify (I don’t want my money to go to Justin Bieber, Rhianna, or even worse their labels).
    The other reason is even after maxing out the quality and turning off uniform volume levelling it still sounds more compressed (volume wise, not clarity, though it does affect that as well) than 320kbps MP3s converted from a WAV CD rip of the same album (Though turning uniform volume off reduces the compression a ton).

    So basically my rule now is if I listen to any album more than 3 times on spotify or some streaming service, I just suck it up and buy it, chances are I can’t even pirate half the stuff I listen to even if I wanted due to the obscurity of the stuff(smughipster.jpeg wololo).

    I would recommend stuff like if you can find an artist you like on it since most the profit goes directly to the artist there, and download and keep the music you payed for in different formats, it also provides a streaming service, and has it’s own app (though I could go on a whole other rant about phone apps in general… >.>).

  5. Anton Sion says:

    How do you access Spotify in Kuwait? It’s not available through the website.

  6. Dan_inKuwait says:

    Damn it… Spice Girls again. I got to delete my listening history somehow.

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