O-ZoNe featuring. Paradox “I Know Why”

Post by Mark

New music video by Kuwaiti rapper O-Zone featuring Paradox. If you like the track you can download it for free from [Soundcloud]


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  1. I stopped listening after he used the “N” word, which was not even a minute into the song.

    No, I am so not the only one who thinks that’s highly inappropriate and offensive. Most civilized people do.

  2. I’m retracting what I said up there because I just heard from a mutual friend that this guy is 18 meaning he’s just a kid who simply doesn’t know any better. Shoot, most of us at 18 didn’t know a damn thing.

    If anything, he’s pretty good considering his age. He should look up another rapper who’s 18 called “Yung Lean”, that guy’s off the hook.

    Best of luck to you, O-Zone. Just a word of advice: please try to refrain from using hateful words that are unequivocally linked with bloodsoaked history on African Americans.

    Try to do some research.

    Much love to you. Here’s some Yung Lean.

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