Y U Mad by ArabMob

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Y U Mad is the latest song released by ArabMob and when I first heard the track it reminded me of A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz & Future.

The piano keys in this song are truly stellar while the beats remind me of a mellow Aliyah beat without the Timbaland details. Abdullah (ArabMob) shows a lot of style in this clip and has good word placements but the lyrics I feel are falling short for me. He starts off telling me about a girl who used to be into him but now looks at him like a stranger. Is she leaving him but she shouldn’t? Is she not worth it so he moved on? I am getting fragments of a story, I understand she is hot but what else has happened? What is happening? I want to know about this person with a perfect shesma haha, tell me more. Maybe I am being hard because recently rap and south side rap have a lot of fragmented lyrics. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz really just flow and groove more than rap. Maybe Abdullah wants to show flow more than anything and if that is the case then he is making it work. The lyrics are on the YouTube page if you want to read them.


I heard some of Abdullah’s other tracks without auto-tune and they sound good too. Those tracks reminded me of Mobb Deep a little because they have a more east coast sound. If Abdullah can make a song with his real voice plus hints auto-tune and drop a hot story, he would be a record deals golden boy. Knock knock Outlaw Records.

How to listen to this:
At shisha night with your friends to start conversations on lost loves

How not to listen to this:
When a family member is getting angry at you since they would use the word shesma in a negative way.

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