I Can’t Believe This is Real

Post by Mark

When I first saw the picture above awhile back I thought for sure it was retouched. No way the model was hanging off the ledge like that, right? I was wrong. Just watching the-making-of video below gave me anxiety, such a ridiculously risky shot to take just for instagram likes.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Gosh, that’s ridiculous! Without a safety harness, I wouldn’t be able to stand on that ledge, let alone dangle like that!

  2. alphanso says:

    this is just stupid.

  3. theariezman says:

    Is this for real!!!

    It was hard too even in a video let do it ownself.

    hats off to the confidence of the guy holding the girl and moving around freely.

  4. Safa says:

    just watching it makes me feel dizzy.

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