What I found at Harvey Nichols

Post by Mark

I passed by Harvey Nichols yesterday for a bit of shopping since they currently have a 50% sale going on. I ended up finding and getting one top that I liked, so I probably need to go back and spend more time flipping through the stuff. While there I passed by their shoe section and found some sneakers I liked.


The first pair are the Jimmy Choo sneakers pictured above. Last year I fell in love with the black versions but since I had three similar looking pairs in black already, I decided to pass on it. This year they have the navy blue version but they’re selling it for KD57 more than last years black one. Last year the black version was selling for KD90 during their 50% sale but the navy blue one is selling for KD147. I painfully had to pass on it again this year.


The second pair of sneakers I liked were these black Alexander McQueen Puma’s. They’re similar style to the Jimmy Choo as in they’re white rubber soled high tops but they are considerably cheaper and a bit more funky. They were originally priced at KD94 but are now being sold for KD47.


Finally, they’re STILL selling the limited release Nike Air Max 90 Paris sneakers pictured above. I originally paid around KD60 or KD70 for them but they’re going for KD33 right now. I am not sure if there are any sizes still available but this is the second year they’ve gone on sale and I’m surprised they still have them. Get it before someone else does.

The sale is going to be on for around another week so not much time is left.

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  1. George says:

    At Alshaya Head Office the “staff shop” is now fully exclusive for Harvey Nichols products.
    I am told it is packed with items getting sold at a fraction of the cost. Shoes from 150KD to 15KD……..

  2. sash says:

    Yeah I found those interesting and this collaboration between McQueen and Puma is coming up with really interesting designs.

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