How to Clean White Ultra Boosts

Post by Mark


I’ve had two white pairs of Ultra Boosts, the first pair I used to clean with Jason Markk’s sneaker cleaner and brush. Problem was it didn’t clean that well and the brush kinda fucked up the material. With my second pair I just started throwing it into the washing machine and putting it on a quick cycle and the results are perfect.


I just remove the insoles from inside the sneaker and throw it into a washing machine with a towel (reduces the banging sound). I don’t even remove the laces. I also don’t use bleach, just regular detergent and the result is a like new brilliant white Ultra Boost as you can see in the before and after pictures. I now do this once a week since the white gets dirty fairly quickly. It also drys quickly, if I wash the sneakers at night, they’re dry and ready to wear the next morning.

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  1. WI says:

    Mom’s technique, since childhood.

  2. Wael says:

    What do you use for suede kicks? I have a bunch and it’s a bitch cleaning them!

  3. Aziz says:

    i use the Kapayan technique (they’re the best when its about shoes)
    go to Foot locker and buy their Cleaner (yellow cap) and nano protector

    the cleaner price 3KD and nano protector 5KD i think.. but i didn’t buy it yet..

    use the cleaner with any sport shoes it will bring it as new instantly! anyway.. the technique is: spray the Cleaner on the shoe > wait 30 seconds > use the brush on the cap to clean the hard sole then wipe it with towel or damaged t-shirt lol.. anyway.. next time when u notice some dirts apply the cleaner on the towel (not shoe) and wipe it till clean.. this will work very good also.. after all… its not kapayan technique i just do this to all my shoes even that I’m not sneakerhead but i act like one with my 10 shoes pairs.

  4. Ammar L says:

    I saw this on social media, they seem to do shoes as well…another at your service apps trend these days.

    Pretty sure have seen their truck too on 5th ring traffic jam:

    Whats next a bakala on wheels…oh yes they have that too (forgot their website) 🙂

  5. Mac says:

    Any idea guys if this works for your average converse pair?

    • Mark says:

      i don’t think so because although it would clean the material, it won’t clean the rubber white walls of the converse. There are different techniques to do that i think one option you’re supposed to use an erasure? Don’t remember, had to clean a pair years ago. Google cleaning converse rubber sole or something and it should popup.

  6. zaydoun says:

    Just washed my Stan Smith Primeknit sneakers in the machine on cold water and they came out as good as new!!

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