Destiny: Three Months Later

Post by Patrick


Every once in a while a big budget game comes along promising big things. Destiny was supposed to be that. Bungie wanted to create a game that would take a life of its own. They wanted players to be constantly connected with each other even when they weren’t playing the game through social media and a smartphone app. It seemed too ambitious and it was.

I’m a fan of Bungie. I grew up playing the Halo games, my friends and I connected over the games and the Halo universe. When I went to university I made new friends thanks to Halo and split-screen LAN parties. So I was excited when Bungie announced a brand new game, I was interested to see what new world and characters they could create. When Destiny was finally released I was disappointed to see that Bungie failed at creating memorable characters and lore. Simply put, the narrative was messy and confusing. The Halo storyline isn’t a masterpiece but it was coherent and featured a cast of of characters you would remember. Master Chief and the Spartans, Cortana, the Arbiter, the Covenant were replaced by a forgettable cast of faceless characters. And to discover more about Destiny’s universe Bungie created the Grimoire cards that you collect in the game through various means, these cards reveal more about the different races, places, enemies and so on in the game. The problem is you can’t actually view this information in the game, you have to go to Bungie’s website to view them. Which is probably one of the dumbest things Bungie has ever done. Why make it more difficult for gamers to learn more about the universe you created? Why add all these extra steps? It’s like they don’t want people to know more about the universe they worked so hard to put together. So sadly, the story and lore in Destiny was obviously a second-thought for Bungie. Which is disappointing to say the least.


I love games that deal with a dystopian or post-apocalyptic future, it’s interesting to see how every designer deals with barren landscapes and environments. I was excited to see which direction Bungie would take it. The environments in Destiny look pretty but are dull and uninteresting. You’re exploring these massive facilities that don’t tell a story, locations you’ll be re-visiting over and over again for different quests. You don’t feel encouraged to explore these locations because you know you won’t find anything worthwhile. The fact that Grimoire cards exist guarantee that you won’t discover notes or interesting information that reveal more of the back-story to the places you’re in.

Lore and story aside, lets talk about the rest of Destiny. The game features three races, Humans, the Awoken, and the Exo. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what race you choose because it makes no difference to the story or to your abilities, it’s strictly a superficial thing. The game also features three classes, Titan, Hunter and Warlock. Each class has unique abilities that you will need to incorporate into your play style. The Titan is equivalent to tank classes in other RPG’s, the Hunter is a rogue and the Warlock a mage. Choosing one class doesn’t lock you out from specific weapons like other RPG’s though, every class can equip the same kind of guns.


The core of the game, shooting, feels great. There are a variety of weapons that keep things interesting while playing with friends can be a really great experience. If you don’t have friends to play the game with, hooking up with random Guardians can be a frustrating experience because there’s no way to communicate with players. So similarly to the Grimoire cards Bungie has added another unnecessary annoyance, forcing the player to use the Internet to try and find others to play with using message boards. The quests can be one dimensional. Because the narrative is lackluster it reflects in the quests, you’ll never really have anything interesting to do. The quests tend to revolve around going to point A, defending point A as waves and waves of enemies attack and once you’re done doing that it’s mission complete.

If you wanted to play Destiny for the competitive online modes and not the storyline you’re out of luck because the way Bungie designed the multiplayer, it’s pretty unbalanced. You can be a level 7 character and end up fighting a level 20 player who has much better equipment resulting in you doing poorly until you can get the better weapons and armor by going through the main quests. The multiplayer mode isn’t even unlocked at the start of the game, you’re forced to play through the campaign to get to it.

Destiny has potential, the same way the first Assassins Creed game had potential. It’s still a fun game and I enjoy playing it, but I expected more from Bungie, maybe my expectations were set too high. Destiny is great for when I want to switch off my brain and mindlessly shoot things, I think the art direction is cool, Bungie know how to make a good looking game with pretty skyboxes. So if you’re interested in Destiny just know what you’re getting into, lower your expectations and you’ll have some fun.


Destiny was provided by Xcite.

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  1. yousefq8 says:

    I quit right about when they released the first Iron Banner. I didn’t notice a single difference in stats and low levels were killing me with ease. That was the last straw for me and I stopped playing.

    What I’m going to do is not play it for a year, let them fix all the bugs and do all their patches that should’ve been in place from the beginning and wait for a sale that will include all the 3-5 planned DLCs for like $10.

  2. Mark says:

    2 out of 5? ouch.

  3. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    The only thing disappointing to me is that it is a strictly online game. I have a great internet connection(Viva), super fast. It sucks when you are getting heavy into the fighting the bosses and you lose your connection, that is the worst! I had started getting into the co-op portions so i could collect more bounties then COD: Advanced Warfare showed up in the mail, now Destiny is sitting in the drawer.

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