Wolfenstein: The New Order – Review

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Back when Wolfenstein: The New Order was first released I felt that the market was oversaturated with shooters that all felt the same. I even wrote about it. I didn’t really give the game a chance until I found out the studio who worked on it. MachineGames was founded by key members of a studio called Starbreeze Studios. Starbreeze Studios were in charge of two great games, Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness. Both those games weren’t your typical shooters. There was greater emphasis on the narrative and a greater emphasis on immersion. The pacing was different than most first person shooters. This made the purchase of Wolfenstein: The New Order a no brainer for me.


But when I started the game, I had mixed feelings. The games prologue felt like your typical FPS game. There was a lot of running around in trenches, shooting Nazis, running around a bunker shooting more Nazis. It’s long too, but it also gave the player a good idea of what to expect in terms of gameplay, there’s a little bit of choice when going through the different levels. You can either go in gun-blazing or go in stealthy. You’ll encounter commanders as you progress through each level and if you take down these commanders without raising the alarm, it unlocks the location of each secret on your map. If the alarms are raised, waves of enemies will come at you until you take down the commander. Besides that there are various challenges that you can complete to unlock a variety of perks that range from the amount of ammo you can carry to the speed of your reload. These challenges are optional, but encourage you to play a specific way which makes things more interesting.


At the end of the prologue you meet the creepy Deathshead and that’s where the game takes a turn for the better. I love the concept of an alternate history. The one MachineGames created for The New Order is no exception. You can discover more and see how the world differs by reading news clippings that can be found throughout the game. These news clippings will answer some questions you might have, but not all, leaving you with enough curiosity to want to come back to this world in the future.


There are a lot of great moments in this game, some remind me of MachineGames previous titles. Like a prison segment that’s quite reminiscent to one from Chronicles of Riddick. Without revealing anything, there’s a scene on a train that’s incredibly intense and just a joy to watch unfold. I enjoyed these moments of quiet, where shooting was not involved. Exploring your base, talking to the other characters, playing the old-school Wolfenstein level. It also helps that the game is designed incredibly well. I had fun looking around the environments. The design elements of objects like the Nazi propaganda posters, the little food packaging that you find lying around, the technology, all looked beautiful.

Everything sounds good too. Mick Gordon (who also worked on Killer Instinct and the upcoming Doom game) does a great job at creating music that fits the mood of the game perfectly. One of the most annoying things in a shooter is picking up a gun that looks powerful and having it sound like a much smaller gun. It throw the “feel” off completely. Thankfully all the guns in this game sound like they look. The big ass automatic shotgun sounds a lot more powerful than the normal double-barreled shotgun.


MachineGames hit the jackpot with Wolfenstein: The New Order. My only other complaint besides the games opening is that I felt the final battle in the game could have been done better. MachineGames built a world thats immersive and they showed enough of it in the New Order to make me want to know more. It will be interesting to see which direction they take the story in. Hopefully they can maintain the standard of quality they set themselves in The New Order.


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