1972 Porsche Design Chronograph I

Post by Mark


I don’t have many watches but every watch I do own has a story and this vintage Porsche Design one is no different. Since it’s an old watch I’ve really had a difficult time finding information on it but, what I’ve kinda put together from various sources is that this watch was originally released back in 1972 and it was designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the same guy who designed the classic Porsche 911. When Ferdinand left Porsche he formed Porsche Design and the first product he designed and released was this wristwatch.


There are many reasons why I love this watch so much but the main reason is because its the longest watch I’ve owned. My dad originally purchased this watch in the mid 80s and then later in the late 90s I ended up taking the watch off him when I left to university. While in university I had the watch stolen from my dorm room but then a couple of months later I spotted a guy wearing it who turned out to be the thief. When I got the watch back it turns out he had broken the watch crown and the glass had a chip. The broken watch went into my drawer until three years ago when I was looking for a vintage watch to buy and I realized that I already had one.


I didn’t really know anything about the watch other than the fact it was by Porsche Design and that it came in either black or silver. I started researching online and found out Dustin Hoffman wore this watch in Kramer vs Kramer and Tom Cruise in Top Gun which gave the watch some nice history. I also found out that my watch had an automatic Orfina Lemania 5100 Movement so I decided to contact Orfina and see if the watch could be repaired. After exchanging a few emails with them I mailed the watch to them in Switzerland to get repaired. After checking the watch they replied back to me with two quotations, one for fixing just the issues with the watch and the second for a complete refurbishing which included polishing the case. Since I wanted my vintage watch to look vintage I went with option 1 which ended up costing me just a bit over KD200.


I finally got the watch back last week and I love it. For a watch designed back in 1972 it doesn’t look outdated at all. Even the size of the watch is perfect at 40mm and looks great on my wrist. It’s really a watch that was ahead of its time and a great watch to have in my collection.

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